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Topic: Global In-House Centers In India

From the CEO's Desk

Vinay - Ceo/Founder

Vinay Mehendiratta PhD.
( Ceo/Founder )

Expert in Industrial Engineering
and Optimization, Clemson alumnus
18 Yrs Experience: IBM, Eka, Norfolk Southern
  • Led Eka Analytics Product, Marketing
  • Built Mathematical models for Oil & Gas, Mining, Railroads, and Airlines in US, Canada, Australia
  • Worked with GE Research on Turbine Failure using Monte Carlo Simulation
I had the honor and the privilege of working with customers across geographies and time zones.Being well prepared before initiating the right conversation with prospects always worked in favor . My predictive models could only spin their magic provided the client requirements were well understood.

In my 18 yrs of industry experience of software industry experience, I had observed that in spite of the tireless efforts of the marketing and pre-sales teams, the conversion rates were not optimum. The reason being incomplete lead information in the CRM.Having a target account's firmographics information did not provide a holistic view of a target account. Hence, the need to create insights about the target customers. When leveraged properly, It guaranteed instant success.

The entire process was automated. I started capturing news sources and build a story for every client. I realized summarizing news content by topic through NLP could help customers keep track of the growing market. This was our first product.Our customers got hungry for more. We started generating insights on a prospect's intent to buy, go-getter decision makers, technographics, revenue, employee count,location,competitive intelligence. Hence, OceanFrogs was born.

OceanFrogs has strived hard to meet every customer's wish list over the years be it marketing or analytics. Our robust AI powered engine is growing intelligent everyday.It continues to seamlessly enrich CRMs across all major industries to avoid anymore guess-works.

If you are looking for a solution to take your organization to the next - gen brilliance, OceanFrogs might just be the answer.

Vinay Mehendiratta

Think Tank

Ruth Stevens - Inbound B2B Marketing

Ruth P. Stevens

One of the 100 most influential B2B Marketers, author with new-age marketing ideas
  • Expertise in Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Keen acumen in account penetration strategies and business markets
  • Enjoys mentoring startups with potential

Graymatter Ceo/Founder

Vikas Gupta

The brains behind GrayMatter Software Services Pvt.
  • ACI APAC Board Director
  • A successful entrepreneur and inventor with his Airport Analytics solutions being used by over 150 customers globally.
  • Razor-sharp wit and an eagle eye for expanding markets

Strategy Professional

Hardik Shah

Strategy Professional
  • Expertise in Merger & Acquisitions, post merger integration
  • Adept in managing $150M + global businesses
  • Acute sense of emerging markets
  • Passion for Technology & startups

Expertise in NLP

Rishi Dhawan

Sales & Business Development, Alliance Management
  • Expertise in building high performance winning teams & delivering results for sustained profitability of operations & improved business performance
  • A tech savvy business leader with two decades of experience in emerging technologies, go to market, funding, growth and alliance strategies  
  • Numerous awards and recognitions from the likes of Gartner, under his belt

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