Are You Using Artificial Intelligence For Event Marketing?


Event Management and marketing have become insanely data-driven in the past few years. All facets of events, be it sponsorship, marketing or organization, providing rich content to participants will become extremely beneficial as this industry matures. Gathering and safely sparing information is the key to future streamlining. Advanced Analytics can bring tremendous value towards Event Marketing Platform and here is how –

Know Your Participant

Attendee demographics study can reveal many benefits for Artificial Intelligence in Event Marketing Platform

  • Analysis on historical data and on-going events can be used to give predictions on ticket purchase behavior of event participants. Determine the right time and price to sell tickets.
  • Determine appropriate event merchandise based on the age group distribution of participants.
  • Analysis of spending habits of participants can pay rich dividends to event organizers.
  • Insights on transportation modes and origin location if collected properly can help event marketers run productive future campaigns.

Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

Promoting an event has become quite essential these days and significant efforts and dollars are put into event marketing.

  • marketing scorecard measuring the effectiveness of events being marketed can be beneficial to an event company conducting hundreds of events in a year.
  • Response or reviews to marketing on Facebook and other social media platforms, visitor identifiers etc. can be consolidated to provide a 360-degree view.
  • Dashboards and detailed reporting have become quite common in other industries. Artificial Intelligence in Event Marketing Platform can definitely get benefit by consolidating data from various platforms; transform them, and present KPIs.

Discovery Recommendations

Providing useful information about Artificial Intelligence in Event Marketing Platform to the reader in a consumable manner has become a necessity and has also shown increased event participation.

  • Engaging incoming website traffic is the new mantra in all domains and is the need of the hour for event marketing too.
  • The future might give rise to a dedicated event marketing platform similar to Engagio, WebEngage.
  • B2B and B2C marketing concepts are rehashed and the industry is busy applying the concept of data heavy account-based marketing.

Changing technology use has given rise to an era of personalization. The opportunity has come when Artificial Intelligence in Event Marketing Platform is user-driven as opposed to brand and business driven. With the changing nature of consumers, a business can flourish just in the event that they are able to work their way into the regular routine of participants which expects them to know of their preferences and understand their needs.

Event Marketing is getting a face-lift with Advanced Analytics. Read more to know how to watertight your Event Marketing Campaigns, guaranteeing better ROI and large turnouts.

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