Become a Top Performer on G2 Crowd / Capterra

We all know that emails alone are not gonna bring you the lead.
Are you bringing the trust factor on your website, email signatures, LinkedIn ? Software review websites such as Capterra and G2 Crowd have become a good way.

Here is a video recording where we explain to NittoLearn on OceanFrogs’s strategy.
Zoom Recording of Discussion with NittoLearn

Passcode: ffRDq65$


Here are some notes to follow:


  1. Make sure what categories you are in. Don’t go too much out of your scope. This helped OceanFrogs be in the G2 quadrant.
  2. Talk to G2 Crowd/Capterra on the number for you to qualify for the recognition.
  3. Make sure you do it well ahead of the deadline (set by G2 crowd). Otherwise, reviews will come altogether and the G2 crowd will get suspicious.


How to Take Permission:

  1. We checked with the manager and above. We asked only one person per company.
  2. We communicated The review should be using a corporate id.
  3. We brought it to their attention that they should not copy and paste from the review template.
  4. We made them aware that the review company might follow up and ask them additional questions.


Build importance during execution:

  1. We mentioned that Vinay discussed with you on the phone about the review.
  2. We mentioned that this is a strategic initiative.
  3. Trick to get reviews from busy customers: We mentioned that theirs is the last review left for us to reach the milestone.
  4. Do not encourage customer use a template. do what it takes to make it original.
  5. Content of reviews should match with your value proposition. Discuss that with customers during your request.

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