OceanFrogs’ Buying Signals For March-April, 2018

Buying Signals
Here are the investment signals from industry gathered during last week of March and the first week of April. Run Marketing campaigns using Account based signals from OceanFrogs.
Y Axis is the number of accounts (companies) that are investing in these technologies, solutions. This is what the industry is investing in and one should run marketing campaigns on. Very strong investment signals indicate that target accounts are ready to invest more on preventive maintenance, renewable energy, IOT, big data, CRM and machine learning. Strong investment signals indicate target accounts are also interested in maintenance planning, field service, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, analytics. Circle size is proportional to the number of buying signals we do get from that state. Companies from US state of California, Washington, New York and Texas are investing more than the other states . Los Angeles, San Jose, New York, Mountain View (CA) are investing more than others. Ask us for signals that you are interested in. We do track thousands of companies in various regions on various product categories, solutions. OceanFrogs is used by market research, Inside Sales, Outbound marketing folks to understand the market, conduct account based marketing.

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