Case Study - MoEngage

Website is the gateway to Inbound Traffic.

Organizations spend top marketing dollars in SEO, Google Adwords and LinkedIn Ads for targeting and retargeting.

Potential prospects often wander into websites and drop in queries. Almost 70% of the time it is difficult to map a persona to this anonymous traffic due to missing information. If a prospect has at least taken the time to fill-up a form or left a query, it is definitely worth the effort to follow-up on the lead.

This is exactly why MoEngage came to us.

Moengage is the “Intelligent Growth Engine” businesses need for successful customer engagement. The organization strives to simplify customer journey by creating, visualizing and deploying omni-channel lifecycle campaigns.

MoEngage was sensibly spending marketing budget for generating inbound traffic. They were in fact generating a website traffic most B2B companies would target for.

“Who to target” and “What to update their CRMs with” were the pain points. In order to retarget the anonymous leads, they needed to know exactly who they were.

OceanFrogs was only too happy to help

OceanFrogs is revolutionizing Account Based Marketing for B2B customers with its AI-Powered data platform. The company’s data scientists work tirelessly to create next-gen sales & marketing brilliance. Inbound Lead Enrichment has never been this seamless.

OceanFrogs enriched MoEngage’s inbound leads with the following attributes:
  • Organizational Insights
  • Decision Maker Insights
  • Real-Time Lead Scoring

OceanFrogs’ AI-Powered platform automatically verified emails and identified “Best-Fit” accounts. Its in-built custom scoring model enriched lead scores in real-time.

MoEngage has been able to see better ROI ever since and their manual labor reduced to less than 5%. They continue to use our platform for the purpose of running focused marketing campaigns.

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