Case Study - Event 360 AI

Inside out of Event Marketing


Myriads of emotions across an event marketer’s mind before to make an event successful. A lot is riding on the campaigns, ticket prices, discounts, promo codes, and identifying the right persona. There are “ifs” and “buts” clouding minds. It is not a game for the feeble hearted. Tons of hard work and strategic planning can fail big time if not properly executed. It a roller coaster ride of emotions.

It involves meticulous marketing campaign analysis to create a winning cocktail of Conversion Trends, Churn Trends and Segment Trends. OceanFrogs with Event 360 AI changes a “SIGH…” to a “YAY !”

One such event marketing company ( One who shall not be named) requested us to take care of their pre-marketing jitters. There are so many variables in making an event successful that one can never be “too careful”. Their previous campaigns had attracted a one too many nay-sayers and they ensure higher ROI that time around.

OceanFrogs, through Event 360 AI, has successfully leveraged Advanced Analytics to give Event Marketers a 360-degree view of planned events.

The customer couldn’t be happier to hear that. Our unsupervised model generated insights to

  • Predict attendee count
  • Know audience persona
  • Estimate revenue

Our attribution model seamlessly churned out a winning combination of touch points to ensure higher conversion rates.

Our model answers the following questions and provide insights from historical data and planned events.

What promo-codes and pricing scheme captured best faster responses from attendee?
What time of the day and week is it favourable for an attendee to register for an event?
Why did “some” marketing campaigns clicked and others didn’t?
Estimate the revenue and attendee size of upcoming events.
What is the audience persona responding to the event? Enrich data points such as gender, nationality, religion, decision maker(or otherwise), designation, Company Intelligence.
Compare and Evaluate multiple events for better insights.

Compare and Evaluate multiple events for better insights

These powerful signals help analyse and compare events.
Our client was pleased to see how effortless it had all become for them to run effective campaigns.
Our AI & ML boosted engine displayed the following dashboard for ease of human readability.
Model identified hours when visitors bought more tickets. Model understood days when more visitors had come to purchase tickets.

Total Registrations per Hour
Sales OceanFrogs

We diligently note that attendees responded better during very specific time and days during a week.

OceanFrogs helped tip the balance towards “YaY !” and got rid of all the doubts, fear, anger, disgust they ever had about going ballistic with their event marketing campaign.


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