Frequently Asked Questions About OceanFrogs

What is OceanFrogs used for?

OceanFrogs is used by salespeople, marketers, and recruiters to optimize their lead generation efforts by providing them access to a vast acount intelligence and numerous sales intelligence and prospecting tools.

The OceanFrogs platform equips sales professionals with tools to help with territory planning, lead scoring, prospecting, targeted outreach, and more. From a marketing perspective, OceanFrogs can help companies understand their ideal customers and target companies who visit their websites in real time. Recruiters can benefit by using the platform’s hyper-specific search query filters to find and reach out to the perfect passive candidate.

For larger enterprise companies, OceanFrogs offers an API that gives customers access to the OceanFrogs database for enhanced control over the data they receive. Businesses can customize the solutions they need and use them within existing workflows to increase productivity and generate more revenue.

Where does OceanFrogs get data from?

OceanFrogs has propertiery and machine learning based programs to analyze data from web based sources, publicly available data and other reliable databases.

Is OceanFrogs legal?

Yes, OceanFrogs is focused on account intelligence and not individual’s hobbies, interest or similar data.

How much does OceanFrogs cost?

OceanFrogs pricing is customized per customer based on the data and features they wish to use, as well as the number users they want to give access to. Standard pricing is provided our Pricing page. A Sales representative will reach out to you to discuss your business’s specific needs.