Case Study - Flutura

Listen up Boys and Girls!!!

This is a story of an unusual friendship between two companies belonging to two different worlds.

One reigned the Industrial IoT spectrum and the other was a master of B2B marketing and sales intelligence powered by AI & Account-Based Marketing.

Some big words for a bunch of young minds. Miss Lucy already spent hours explaining all that before…. 


“What were their names, Miss Lucy?” chimed Catherine.”Flutura and OceanFrogs!!!”, nudged Paul. “Tis in the book, Cathy…Look!”.
Miss Lucy smiled and nodded. She said, “Very Observant, Paul. Good job there!”

Beady-eyed George begged Miss Lucy to tell more. Miss Lucy was only too happy to indulge.

Flutura is an AI-powered Solutions company.Their AI-powered platform is tuned for IIOT in oil & gas, speciality chemicals and heavy machinery manufacturing industries. They are well funded and are well governed under experienced leadership. They focus on horizontal & vertical drilling and pressure pumping.


OceanFrogs is revolutionizing Account Based Marketing for B2B customers with its data platform. It is built with AI and Machine Learning. The company’s data scientists work tirelessly in creating next-gen sales & marketing brilliance. Accessing account and competitive intelligence have never been this easy before.

“WoW!!!!”, gasped rosy-cheeked Jemma. “How did they meet, Miss Lucy? In a park?” asked the ever – curious Stephanie.
“Hmm…The more important question here is why did they meet in the first place, Stephanie.”

Then Miss Lucy told all about Flutura’s quest that led it to OceanFrogs.


Flutura had come up with an innovative product to CEREBRA. The product was capable of improving “asset uptime” and “operational efficiency”.
Flutura knew what value it could bring to future prospects. The company felt a growing demand for their product and wanted to scout for the right target accounts to help their prospects grow.


“Prospects? What on earth are those?” asked Paul.
“Prospects are like those “could-be” friends, who want to play scrabble with you but are not sure if they would end up enjoying or learning anything,” explained Miss Lucy. “Binoculars!!!!”, jumped Jemma. “They could have scouted the right accounts with a pair of binoculars. If only they could get one.”

Flutura needed two categories of accounts :
  • Owners of wells & rigs
  • Service providers (Land/Offshore/Directional Drilling and artificial lift, workover, rig maintenance)

They also needed “go-getter” Decision makers for those accounts (CXOs, and directors)


Miss Lucy excited chirped, “Spot on! OceanFrogs had developed a pair of AI boosted, long range binoculars for such quests”.

When Flutura approached OceanFrogs with their very specific and difficult to procure requirements, the company was only too eager and prepared for the challenge. Within no time, OceanFrogs’ AI driven engine captured industry signals like revenue, emp count, news and more.
The platform generated insights on 100 solid leads with decision makers’ email addresses and LinkedIn ids.
These accounts did pressure pumping and had oil rigs and wells. The list also consisted of services companies who were improving efficiency in production.
The prospects were of the right size and were in a position to imbibe Flutura’s solutions.

“With the super cool OceanFrogs’ binoculars, Flutura was able to increase their sales rapidly by a whopping 40%”, smiled Miss Lucy.

“Are they still friends, Miss Lucy?” asked Catherine with gleaming eyes. `
“Of course, my love!!!”, said Miss Lucy and hugged the children.


—————————————————The End of Mis(sed) Leads—————————————


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