GIC Accelerators For Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

It was a very refreshing experience being a part of the Maersk GIC Accelerators a few months back. Maersk had invited varying startup synergies to solve all kinds of complex problems for them. The accelerator functioned like a well-oiled machine under the leadership of a dynamic duo.

It was evident that :

  1. The Intent of the decision makers was to infuse new-age problem-solving ideas. 
  2. The Energy brought by the execution team was infectious. You would want to be part of such a team.
  3. Everyone embraced us with warmth (if not hugs and kisses). Collaborating was the only way ahead.

As my engagement with the GIC Accelerators continued, I observed that :

  1. The Decision makers were committed to the cause throughout the program. I could see more involvement and support from them to make the accelerator a success. Maersk was on a mission to imbibe a spirit of innovation in its ecosystem.
  2. Maersk invested time, energy and funds to push the Startups to reach to their Minimum Viable Product ( MVP). They saw to it that quality wasn’t compromised.

Innovations were brought in invoice processing, communication with customers, equipment maintenance and tracking containers. Maersk and Digital transformation had become synonyms over the last few years. 

You might agree that GIC Accelerators For Digital Transformation are pushing the boundaries of innovation through analytics, robotic process automation, and understanding sensor data. 

Hundreds of GICs have sprung up in India over the last few years. The GIC Accelerators For Digital Transformation engage in establishing centers of excellence. They are focusing on bringing better values than just reducing their cost of establishment and delegation of authority. They are very meticulous about upholding standards and bringing holistic employment growth.

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