Hit your number in Global Investment Center (GIC)

Achieve 2x sales velocity with alternative to Zoominfo.
Gain enriched leads for your business through our
sales intelligence platform.


Trusted by 1000+ companies worldwide

What’s In It for You?


Identify target customers that are more likely to engage using our Outbound AI.

Account Intelligence

Get all the real-time sales intelligence you need on your fingertips.

Build a List

Segment your accounts based on firmographics, technology spend, team intelligence and buying intent to build a list.


Identify new channel partners using partnership intent and expand your channel sales eco-system.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Your enterprise needs are special, and that is why OceanFrogs is ready to listen to and solve your unique problems.

Build a List

Build a list of GICs in India and Outside who are investing and have money to spend.


Prioritize your customers using Technology Spend, Buying Intent Analytics, New Hire Analytics and Customer Purchase Propensity Scores.

Expand Relationships

Identify new channel partners using our partnership intent data. Build Relations with Companies that sell softwares to GICs.

Communicate with Confidence

Use OceanFrogs's Best Practices of Communications on Marketing Channels (G2, LinkedIn, Email) using well-defined persona and country specific templates.

Customer 360

Complete Visibility Through Subscriber churn, account view, marketing campaign effectiveness.

Seamless Integration with APIs


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Manish Sharma CEO, Tika Mobile

"OceanFrogs has helped understand the total addressable Market for us in Pharmaceuticals, USA."

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Ashwin S L Head of Marketing, MoEngage

"With OceanFrogs, our lead enrichment efforts reduced by 50%."

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Barathi S Associate Vice President - Marketing, Graymatter Analytics

"OceanFrogs's account and people intelligence helped us gain good marketing campaign results."