Case Study - GrayMatter


GrayMatter’s AA+ has been rapidly gaining pace under the strong leadership of Vikas GuptaCEO. The company has a rich suite of mature, well established products along with a very a potent list of marquee customers. However, the airport industry is going through a revolutionary phase. GrayMatter will want to capture the bigger market share with its robust set of modules designed specifically for airports. In the airport industry, deals come in occasionally, have long sales cycle, and a very good ticket size.

They were in the lookout for a partner who could equip them with the new generation account-based marketing. They had the next-gen airport CRM. They needed the right platform to capture the right kind of signals.

The right signals are either any kind of infrastructural upgrades, launching of smart terminals or implementation of ERPs. This indicates that an airport is generating bulk revenue and would be open to a robust CRM to help them increase their marketing and sales.

GrayMatter needed a platform, which could drive a data driven marketing to target prospective accounts. Hence, their decision to approach OceanFrogs.


GrayMatter is the leader in Business Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data and Data Science company that provides cutting edge products and services. They have become a pioneer in Airport Analytics with their flagship solution AA+(Airport Analytics).

 Airport Analytics help users to perform historical data analysis with role intuitive and insightful dashboards. The users range from people belonging to sales and to that of parking. AA+ leverages the non-aero data and integrates them across 20+ airport systems into a centralized data warehouse. Their high-end statistical models help in seamlessly forecasting revenue and airport operations.



OceanFrogs is a data driven platform, which generates the next generation account intelligence for B2B sales. GrayMatter wanted insights on fresh leads. OceanFrogs and GrayMatter discovered and fed the persona of the airport decision makers to “HAWK-EYE”, our powerful AI Powered Engine. Marketing leaders at GrayMatter wanted to target the right decision makers in order to pitch their innovative analytics software. We were only too glad to empower them.

Our mature AI algorithms got to work. The data hungry engine started discovering potential accounts for our client by harnessing data on buy intent and identifying go-getter decision makers. This helped generate insights and zero-in on airports, catering to a traffic of over 2 million passengers. We told them who they should approach by leveraging our detailed data on an airport’s revenue, technographics, commercial operations, employee count and infrastructural upgrade.

Airport Industry recognizes leaders using the ACI awards. We identified decision makers who have won awards in the recent years. OceanFrogs platform generates insights on award winners for all major industries to enable account-based marketing.

Within a short duration, the data engine was able to provide 3000 decision makers’ data . We also helped in doing their social media campaigns. For every airport, OceanFrogs figured out which ones were making the news and getting recognized for their innovations. These data gave enough fodder to build up the conversational marketing for GrayMatter. OceanFrogs provided insights on airports undergoing terminal upgrades and the ones implement ERPs. This reflected if an airport was trying to invest in growth, thus, helping GrayMatter take an informed decision if a lead was worth pursuing.



With our insights on potential accounts intending to buy and go-getter decision makers, GrayMatter now knew “whom to target”. The data the platform pulled was validated through various verification services such as hunter, mail tester, verify-email, clear bit to name a few. This assured a direct communication to prospective decision makers’ through emails and their LinkedIn ids. The data helped GrayMatter customize their emails for outbound marketing. This immediately gained raving attention of the prospective leads.

The insights were used to strengthen the marketing campaigns. This resulted in increasing the open rate and decreasing the bounce rate of emails. More people were visiting their sites, filling up forms and generating a healthy traffic. Not all the visits were sales qualified leads but it generated more interaction from the market. Our data insights brought them better business and spiked their sale pipeline by 30%, which was more than what they had wished for.

OceanFrogs also helped in their services department. Based on their technographics (Click, Pentaho and SAP), we redirected their focus to companies using the technologies they used. We provided insights on the job profiles to see if the said company were offering any contractual position. This data helped GrayMatter approach the prospective organization and convince them to outsource the responsibility to the expert.


GrayMatter has an enhanced response to their next generation pharma CRM with their focused their marketing campaigns. We continue to maintain a healthy business relationship with them. It is extremely rewarding to see them continue their customer acquisitions and grow as we grow alongside


—–And it’s a WRAP!!!—–

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