How to Run A Review Campaign Yourself on G2?

Online reviews are good for your SaaS promotion. With this thought in mind, we signed-up on G2.
At first, we didn’t make an organized attempt at this. Eventually, we learned that this needs some planning to get this working. 

Where to Begin From?

Make a Profile: Start with making your profile there. Add your SaaS to the relevant categories on G2. For instance, for OceanFrogs we requested for the categories viz. Sales Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence Account Software, Market Intelligence Software and Lead Intelligence Software. Complete your profile ( don’t go for things like banner image  etc.,as all those are paid services, to begin with).

There are various ways you can choose categories to go for:

1. Be part of the categories that truly represent you. 

2. Be part of the categories that can bring you in the grid sooner. These are the categories where competition is less than in other categories.

Ask for Reviews: How to get  reviews on G2.com? ( Shhh….. Here’s the plan)

Is your answer, Amazon gift vouchers? No way.  Why pay, when you can do it with a little bit of pre-planning like we did. Here are the four steps to organize the entire process.

1.   Make a list of customers who can give you testimonials. 
For each month target a minimum of 3 to 4 reviews. More the better, but there should be a consistent flow of reviews each month. 

2.  Ask your customers: past and current, both. 
Reviews may be good or bad. Yes, star rating does matter! But, in case, if someone writes anything negative there, then just chill!
Please respond and tell positive things.  This increases your credibility, and lets others know that you listen to your customers. 

In case your customers do not respond to your requests, emphasize on the significance of reviews for you. Make collection of testimonials as part of your strategic initiatives.

It is preferable that you ask customers in person or on phone.  Mention approval in the email that you write.

3.  Words of Caution to be given to your reviewers while giving you a review:

  1. Ask them to use their business email ids or updated linkedin profiles (with their photograph, current position etc.)
  2. Request them to not copy and paste from the template. 
  3. If possible, discuss the review content with your reviewers. (You can convince them to keep the review in sync with your company’s value proposition)
  4. G2 may want to follow up and ask for additional questions. 
  5. Ask for a screenshot of review submission as a post script message in the email body.
  6. Do not celebrate a review until you see it on the website. 

4.  Follow Up : Send Email Reminders to people who agreed to give you reviews.
3 email reminders are good enough.  Show urgency in your email subject lines. 

5.  Thank your customers on the G2 portal itself. It is better if it’s an employee thanking, than the vendor himself.
You won’t believe, after having just 10 reviews we were there in G2’s grid in our chosen category. And, no, we didn’t pay for any G2 services to be there. You keep getting G2 badges as you increase your number of reviews consistently. 

P.S. After having a few badges from G2, you can add those to your website, your linkedin profile and build trust with people who aren’t aware about your brand yet. 
Take my word, it does affect the buyer’s purchasing decision to an extent. 
Get the review template that we used, and got rated on G2. 
In the end, it’s a big thanks to our valued customers. 

Here is a video recording where we explain to NittoLearn on OceanFrogs’s strategy.
Zoom Recording of Discussion with NittoLearn 
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