How to sell your HR SaaS using Sales Intelligence?

This article has been put together based on writings by : Vinay Mehendi

The demand for HR tech has been high since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. The line separating homes from offices has been blurred. Knowing that, there are companies out there who will need SaaS support to acquire and manage their talent, take care of employees’ health, and keep pushing the culture of learning. 

The HR Tech market is booming and so are the solutions. Just sitting online with the best product won’t help. You need to reach out to your prospects before your competitors do. It has to be the right prospects.

How do you know who needs your solutions? 

HR Tech Sales intelligence helps in targeting the right set of decision-makers, who can either influence the purchasing decision or make the decision themselves.  

How Insights.OceanFrogs helped HR Tech SaaS companies recently?

 Knolscape is a human resources learning and development platform. They offer experiential learning to add to the talent pool of their customers. Knolskape were looking to build deeper market coverage for the USA and APAC region but their current data is not producing results. 

We understood their persona by mining insights from previous campaigns. OceanFrogs platform understands HR Tech buyers, industries. It is trained to do so. OceanFrogs’ platform started providing accounts and the decision makers. These accounts started investing in their niche of HR  (learning & development). We worked with Knolskape on messaging, training their SDRs. 

Knolskape experimented with the messaging, their offerings, and reached the audience using Linkedin and email marketing. OceanFrogs’ intent coming from secondary sources, mining campaigns and accurate data increased their engagement by more than 30%.      

Similarly, We have been helping other companies such as Accendo and RippleHire realize their true potential by providing them the right customer persona, access to the market. 

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