Inbound Lead Data Enrichment

Enrichment of Inbound Leads Data

Inbound leads are the results of hard work of a dedicated team of SEO experts. These leads come in irrespective of SEO implementation. Inbound leads become junk or trash if not enriched or when SEO goes wrong; not considering a long-time strategy. Outbound campaign’s performance is driven by various external factors. One has to give the due respect to Inbound Leads List because this data clearly has “intent” written all over it. Marketing in B2B companies has to evolve as the technology matures. It is possible to enrich your inbound data quickly and efficiently. Here are the steps in case you have a few hundred or thousand records in the inbound list. 1. “Clean Data” indicates the intent of the customer. There definitely is intent when a prospect provides the corporate email address, valid first name, valid last name, valid domain name. Invest in building a relationship with the leads that provide good data. Nurture the intent over time. Engage the inbound lead with strong intent. 2. “Score inbound leads”  using criterion such as industry focus, revenue range, pages visited, time spent. Scoring leads remind us of customer persona, total addressable market. Scoring leads process lets us re-visit the main objective of the marketing campaign and the organization’s emphasis on targeting right customers. 3. Gauge the intent using the following:
      • Give higher priority to corporate email addresses. Score them higher.
      • Give higher priority to profiles where first name and last name are not equal. Score them higher.
      • Give higher priority to profiles where the domain name is valid and is not intentionally wrong. Score them higher.
      • Give higher priority to corporate email addresses of last 6 months. People do change jobs frequently and assume that a good percentage of emails (not updated for 6 months or more) will be invalid.
    • Look to enrich the data with gender, go-getter attributes. Enrich the data with LinkedIn URL. Linkedin profile URL definitely gives confidence to all stakeholders involved.
Here’s hoping this little write-up will help you score your inbound leads better and bring in some Holiday Cheers!!!

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