Intent Behind Analyzing Intent Data

CRM systems and sales intelligence tools have made marketing automation field quite competitive in the last few years. Everyone has a campaign management tool, a subscription to the list of organizations, list of email address, and Linkedin Subscription. Use of Search engine optimization techniques has made sure that inbound leads are increased. There is increasing use of intent data by marketing teams at the same time. The intent of the potential customer is identified by various means such as webinars, news, twitter post, and LinkedIn postings. There are other data sources that have shown good signals on prospect ’s behaviour
as alternative data. I would argue that marketing teams do use intent data (one form of alternate data) for a long time. Ease of data mining has just made it easier these days. We (Oceanfrogs) mine external data, listen to many data sources (free and premium), parse it through text mining engine and generate signals about industry and prospect organization. It always intrigued me to find such meaningful information lying all around us that can be used by teams responsible to bring new customers. Ocean Frogs helps you figure out answers to questions such as: Who are the customers investing in Cloud, Mobility this year? Is Energy market in US spending on analytics this year while Oil prices have not come up that well? What are the initiatives taken by target customers? It is becoming very important to know your client, its problems, initiatives, intent during marketing and sales operations. Companies do spend significant money and time on this exercise when entering a new geography market or offering a new product that needs to get matured. OceanFrogs helps you analyze your prospect customer and industry. Do you think that the benefit of this data is limited to the sales and marketing teams? We believe that problems faced by target customers should be brought to product managers so that information is available to make smart and well-informed decisions on use cases. It is our mission at OceanFrogs to bring all of that information together for you (sales and marketing, product managers) so that we can go well informed to the prospect and develop the right use cases. The industry is changing fast, organizations are rapidly adapting to technology, cloud, analytics, mobility, and automation. The marketing team needs to be ahead of others. OceanFrogs helps you do meet that requirement.

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