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Welcome to Oceanfrogs

This website provides you a full fledged easy to use guide for oceanfrogs platform.


What does OceanFrogs do?

OceanFrogs is a sales intelligence platform that helps B2B marketers achieve a high sales velocity by providing them with high quality leads.

What is Intent Data?

Intent refers to an anticipated decision or action that can be attributed to a person or organization, with a reasonable degree of surety. In business contexts, the term intent is frequently used to indicate the near term anticipated actions of a firm. Obtaining near term intent data is of particular interest to marketers, investors, shareholders and industry watchers. Reliable intent data can help hedge against losses and predict trends in an industry amongst many other use cases.

What are Technographics?

Technographics convey the type of software products that are used by an account. This data can help identify potential leads. OceanFrogs maintains a meticulous database of Technographics data that help B2B marketing teams zero in on leads.