Lead Generation Forms: Convert More Leads

Lead Generation Forms

Lead generation is an important stage in the sales funnel, as prospects that show curiosity about your business are good potential target accounts. A lead is generated when a person provides contact details in exchange for an offer such as an eBook, services, demo, and newsletter or blog subscription.

Lead generation forms are one of your first points of contact with your lead. That is how you attract website visitors and convert them into leads. Can you afford to have a form on your website that doesn’t create a positive, painless experience? To help you create a great user experience and increase your conversions, here are OceanFrogs favorite lead generation forms.


Oceanfrogs CTA Form

The first one (in the list of favorites) has to be our own. Even displaying fields horizontally rather than vertically will shift the way the reader receives it. To make the user experience hassle free, we ask for just corporate email ids. Worried about missing out first name, organization and designation of your lead? Don’t worry because inbound lead enrichment is what Oceanfrogs does.

CTA Phrase – Are you ready for fast growth with Oceanfrogs?



hotspot’s CTA phrase, Create your FREE CRM, is another way to attract leads. Offering something free has always worked in favor of both parties. Hotspot’s lead generation form appears when you click on the CTA button on landing page. It also allows you to speed up the form completion process by giving you the option to sign in using your Google account.

CTA Phrase – Create your FREE CRM



Salesloft gave a twist to the traditional lead generation forms with the fill in the blank pattern. The unique form design which includes blanks is visually pleasing and fits the company’s branding.

CTA Phrase – Ready to transform your sales organization?



A key concept behind designing this form was to not make it look like a form. You shouldn’t try to re-invent the wheel with things such as forms. People just don’t like forms. When was the last time you got excited after being told to fill out a form? Exactly! This is why nudge.ai lets its bot gather the required information.

CTA Phrase – Ready to start closing deals?



Engagio’s homepage has a unique CTA —this form is clean, contains no distractions, includes form field titles that are easy to understand, and tells you what information is required. The screenshot of the platform gives the prospects a peek-a-boo of what they’re getting into – which is visually very attractive!

CTA Phrase – Get a demo from an ABM expert!


calibermind CTA

Including numbers on your form page is a great way to convince people to submit it. Use numbers to call out pricing, discounts, or promotional offers. Another amazing thing about lead generation form of calibermind is that it includes a description about the reasons why so many impressive companies already use their product.

CTA Phrase – Let’s get scheduled.

Let’s look at the key takeaways for making the best lead generation forms-

  • Don’t make your forms look like forms.
  • Add catchy phrases on Call-to-Action button you can’t help but click.
  • Make the forms simple and straightforward.
  • Keep only required fields on the form.

Needless to say, you can always come to Oceanfrogs to enrich your inbound leads and to increase your inbound customer engagement.

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