Monty Cloud : How did they Build Their Sales Funnel Quick?

Building pre-eminent data intelligence and an effective communication channel for a classic Cloud Services organization to create a seamless funnel through assured marketing channels and social media networks.

Context and Company Profile

MontyCloud is on a mission to enable IT departments to become cloud powerhouses. Established in Seattle, Washington in 2018, MontyCloud offers state-of-the-art Cloud Services to an eclectic customer base – spanning areas from Education and SAAS, CRM to online retail ranging from pharmacy to jewelry stores.

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, MontyCloud has been leveraging the AWS public cloud. Along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools they help advance the success of their customers. Simplifying the AWS Cloud resources of multiple AWS accounts across geographies, MontyCloud also helps improve their customers’ security posture with amazing results

Focusing on Day 2 Operations, MontyCloud aims at providing “No Code Cloud Operations”. Having recently launched their multi-cloud platform with AI powered tools they have totally eased out management and governance of the modern cloud and the applications running on it. Though MontyCloud currently provides a platform to manage AWS Cloud, they will soon be venturing into Azure and other cloud platforms as well. To fuel their growth further, the company has raised a $2.85 million seed round led by Madrona Venture Group, which also includes investments from Lytical Ventures and Hammer Ventures.

With the seed funding in place and wanting to spread their wings beyond their existing customer base, MontyCloud came to OceanFrogs with a set of hurdles. What we did for them.


The pellucidity of their vision of enabling IT departments to become Cloud powerhouses, has put Montycloud in a coveted spot as one of the preferred Cloud Service providers in the space.

However, given the new market dynamics and the changing face of business thanks to Covid-19, MontyCloud was facing certain challenges of targeting the right customer base. Their routine methods were not showing the desired efficacy and they wanted a quick fix to their problem.

The challenges they faced –

Building a top funnel via personalized marketing channels
Though a non-core function, marketing is still a vital ingredient to create the funnel and fuel top-line growth of an organization. Montycloud was facing issues when it came to marketing support functions such as building contact database and funneling meaningful exchange.

Data intelligence to approach suitable decision makers
Structured, focused efforts always pay off better than random, cold-calling. Montycloud needed just this – to sharpen their axe – utilize their marketing organization more effectively. With a sudden surge in the need for Cloud Services, MontyCloud needed to connect with the influencers for effective results.

Understanding market spend on Cloud Computing in the Covid-19 era
Given the Covid-19 situation, the market was experiencing a surge in demand and therefore a supply of Cloud Service platforms. It was therefore imperative for MontyCloud to understand who was spending and how much was being spent on cloud services. With no clear picture about such potential customers, Montycloud was fishing in the dark – and left with an empty net.


OceanFrogs are experts when it comes to providing the right sales intelligence!  Our platform identified the RIGHT Companies to build your top funnel with.

At OceanFrogs we identified Montycloud’s customers using our rich technographics dataset that has comprehensive information on cloud users. We tracked investments made by companies on Cloud usage, Cloud security, data center, and infrastructure. Using org-structure analysis and intent data, we handheld MontyCloud to personalize their marketing campaigns. Platform also provided a propensity score on their potential customers and made a list of the promising ones. These included accounts in the industry that were not severely affected due to Covid-19.

Of course, we did not stop at simply collating and providing them the data – we also assisted them in utilizing that data – effectively. Devising an effective communication strategy, we designed and created content to be sent out and also planned a suitable communication outflow for them. 


OceanFrogs’ best-in-class sales intelligence created an effective communication channel for MontyCloud. Having identified the ‘fit’ companies that were thriving despite Covid-19.  OceanFrogs helped MontyCloud run its marketing campaigns for various geographic areas such as the UK, India, and the USA. Our technology identified ‘customers with potential’ using lead scoring based on ideal customer definition.

MontyCloud saved time, efforts and resources and tapped only the customers that were likely to respond. Effective, timely and crisply worded communication kept the interest of the customer piqued. MontyCloud observed a clear increase in 15 percent ‘open’ and 8 percent ‘click’ rate on their emails. 

Updated Date: September 28,2020

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