Natural Language Programming is the Natural Winner !

Natural Language Programming is the Natural Winner!  Last week, a question came flying at our office lunchtime. Our customers are running marketing campaigns on NLP, to offer services and solutions using NLP. Who should we target? Should we spray at all CTOs, CIOs, BI Head of top 5000 companies with a generic message? NLP is a savvy word and everyone would come jumping at our doorstep (website), forms will be filled, email list will be built and we would have a party time enjoying the qualified leads? We thought OMG. NLP projects generally revolve around topic modelling, text mining, entity extraction, identification of subject and predicate. NLP projects and products generally OceanFrogs is building the largest data on Technographics and NLP is one of them. Our graph database whispered to the eyes (!! Or ears) looking for insights that companies from country such as United States, Canada, and Singapore are investing more on NLP. Companies from country such as Germany, Poland, Ireland are also increasing their spending on NLP. Let’s target our guns in that direction.
Above chart shows the country that are hot spots for NLP. It was not tough creating this chart in Tableau. Such an easy tool. What do you say? You can close your eyes and still tell me that TensorFlow is leading based on the graph below. We might have missed some tools and are happy to include them if you would insist. Otherwise, we would not work harder on weekend. (!!) Are you enriching your leads data with technographics? Are you targeting accounts based on their technology journey? Remember, there is a reason why companies would choose a specific tool? Corporates generally choose a technology based on their commitment to technology, long term goals, technology maturity, and cost into consideration. OceanFrogs tracks companies by their technology (also). What is OceanFrogs using ? We use WordPress, MailChimp, Drift, MS SQL Server, Python, Angular 2, .Net Framework, R, Tableau, TextRazor NLP API, and NLTK. What does it tell about us ? This can tell you about people we employ, spending appetite, spend on marketing, and data size. How do you use technography on your target account? Email me at for your comments/feedback. Make sure you recharge on weekend (!!)

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