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Topic: Global In-House Centers In India

  • Analyze Annoymous Traffic Automatically.

  • Enrich Your CRM with Account Intelligence.

  • Identify Best Fit Accounts.

  • Spend Re-Targeting Dollars Selectively.

Inbound Marketing - Lead Nurturing

Dont Let Your Inbound Lead Generation Efforts Go Waste.

Identify All Your Visitors Using OceanFrogs' Inbound AI.


Account Intelligence

  • Industry
  • Revenue and Employee Count
  • Description

Decision Maker Intelligence

  • BANT Lead Score
  • Validate Email Address
  • Designation

March Towards Marketing Automation:

Data is the new gold. superior data drive more targeted, accurate and effective marketing strategies

Lead is more than a data point:

Stop thinking lead as a database. It has hidden secrets on your customer persona that we unravel.

Never Lose Your Best Fit Account:

Match every visitor with Your Potential Best Fit Accounts.

Make Disparate Systems Work Like One

Instant Integrations

Connect any system, exchange, and everything in between, instantly with open APIs and in-built connectors ready for integration.

Sugar CRM

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