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Topic: Global In-House Centers In India

All-In One Account Intelligence Platform

Expand and Conquer Your Addressable Market &
Focus on Building & Nurturing Business Relationships

Only 0.1%
of the Leads convert to Customers

Outbound Lead - Reach your target accounts

Find Best-Fit Accounts using Data Science

Find best-fit accounts

Follow Tech Maturity Of A Company

30% of Contacts
Gets Outdated Annually

Can we talk to 1
decision maker who will close the deal ?

Get Email Id Of Target Acounts

Focus on Go-Getters, Champions

Approach Target Accounts

Alert Decision Maker change

What is the right time to approach a target account?


  • Auto Enrich Customer Personas
  • Get alerts on New Accounts
  • BANT Lead Score
  • Get alerts on Champions
  • Get alerts on Go-Getters
  • CRM Integration
  • Track Investments and Hirings
  • Technographics Landscape
  • Identify Market Leaders

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