Everything you need to measure the effectiveness of an Event Marketing Campaign

Get 360 View of Your Events with Marketing Analytics
and Understand Your Attendees Better

Automate Event Marketing Effectiveness Analysis

“Powering Event Marketers”
With Data Science

Get a holistic view of event marketing campaigns. Event AI - Our Event Marketing Campaign Analysis tool uses sophisticated artificial techniques to estimate the revenue one can target and target audience one should expect.

“Attribution Modeling”
takes Event Marketing to a New Level

Attribution Modeling is riding high, now that we have infused it with Machine Learning. Interpreting touchpoints in conversion from the target audience to attendees have never been so easy.

Accelerate Event Registration with AI Driven Marketing Campaign

Which Promotional code worked?

Some promotional codes, discount bring in the audience. Our robust models analyze customer purchase patterns on many variables such as an hour of the day, day of the week, demographics.

Predict Estimated Revenue

Our unsupervised mature AI models consider the target audience, gender, age group, event type, number of marketing campaigns conducted, pricing schemes, event reach into consideration to estimate revenue.

Predict Attendee Count

Our data science models learn from the performance of past events, analyze event characteristics, digital marketing conducted for the event, demographics of the target audience to understand the attendee count you can expect.

Optimal Ticket Pricing

Getting the right pricing is crucial. This ensures better attendee turn out. Hence, better revenue. Discounts, Promo, Pricing, Demographics put together will answer the question.

Identify Attendee Persona

Target the right audience for the right event. Analyze who opened, viewed, responded to emails. Know the gender, industry, location, and designation of the participants.


  • AI Powered Journey Analysis
  • Optimal Ticket Pricing
  • Predict Estimated Revenue ( KPI)
  • Understand Conversion Trends
  • Predict Attendee Count
  • Attribution Modeling

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