All-In One Account Intelligence Platform ​

Expand and Conquer Your Addressable Market & Focus on Building & Nurturing Business Relationships ​

Total Addressable Market

Measure the total market demand for your product/industry by profiling the target accounts based on technology usage, departments, firmographics, selling features and many more

Expansion to a New Geography

Reduce the risk and cost of geographic expansion, with the intelligence on decision makers, old decision maker/influencer movements across companies, mergers & acquisitions and many other criteria.

Team Size Intelligence

Get the business intelligence on team sizes of accounts to take informed actions on the accounts.

Organizations Development Practices

Track the development activities of an organization at different functional level. Know precisely what different accounts are actively looking for at the moment.

People Intelligence

Identify decision makers, influencers for all your target accounts. Apply Personality AI on decision makers.


BANT Lead Scoring

Rank/Score accounts by Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing(BANT score). Use BANT score leads in your ABM.

Account Segmentation

Segment Accounts by Firmographics, team sizes, technology, location, authority, budget and hundreds of other segmentation filters.


Segment Accounts by Technology used, Technology Spend, Duration of use, category of technology.

Competitor Intelligence

Identify your competitor's customers, marketing strategy, marketing spend. Tweak your strategy with competitor insights.


Champions are the ex-users who have moved to other organizations Some of those accounts can be made your target accounts by leveraging the existing relationship.

New Hires

Everyone wants to build relationships with new hires. New hires have budget, energy, postive vibes about them. We identify new hires automatically.

Partner Enablement Intelligence

Boost your channel sales with the intelligence on firmographics, channel enablement practices, technology sold and many more. Ensure your channel partners are leveraging the most up-to-date competitive intelligence with the help of our surges.

Territory Management

Decide territories for inside sales based on locations of your target accounts.

Analyze Existing Customer Persona

Analyze your ideal customer profile automatically without any sweat.

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