CASE STUDY: Tika Mobile

Once Upon A Not So Distant Time………

TikaMobile was in the quest for a magic potion to target right accounts.


TikaMobile is very focused on data driven marketing.Their innovative next-gen pharma CRM is gaining popularity and they feel a growing need in the market. The organization has a very specific demographic of clientele. Their marketing team work tireless to secure accounts, which are generally midsize players or are ready to come to the market. They feel they could provide them the much needed support.

They were in the lookout for a partner who could equip them with insights on next generation account based marketing. Since they had already built the must-have CRM, all they needed was the right platform to capture the right kind of signals.

The right signals are either 510k approved companies or those who are PHASE III approved. It is an indication that such a company is preparing for launching their product into the market shortly. TikaMobile needed a company, which did automated data driven marketing,thus, providing them with the right kind of targets.


has many products and services for the pharmaceutical, medical devices and life sciences industry. Their list of products include TikaDevice, TikaCapital, TikaPharma, TikaMSL and TikaNAM. The company has global presence and has been empowering  the pharma and life sciences industry with their intuitive CRM, business intelligence and advanced analytics. The platform gives the must-have tools to the pharmaceutical sales representatives to bring in more businesses. Their user-centric design makes marketing easy and efficient.


OceanFrogs is a data driven platform, which generates the next generation account based intelligence for B2B sales.The smart algorithms efficiently harness data on a target account’s revenue, technographics, employee count, decision makers and more. This account awareness empowers sales and marketing teams of our customers to aggressively build their sales pipeline.


Even if one has the right product, one may not know the right decision makers to talk to. TikaMobile wanted to empower those companies who were ready to enter the market. OceanFrogs’ innovative data platform worked towards unlocking some major untapped potential for them quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Our smart engine generated insights on the target pharmaceutical companies. We fed logic into our platform, which would generate insights for companies listed on FDA websites and those who got their PHASE III or 510K approvals. This knowledge told us that a company befitting that profile, was at least a year away from PHASE IV and would be eager to jump on the early marketing bandwagon.

Within a short duration, we gave TikaMobile 250 powerful leads, with thousands of decision makers data such as names, designations, emails and linkedin ids. We provided them strong signals, which told them that a prospective customer was eager to expand. All the decision makers’ emails were verified through various verification services like, clearbit to name a few. This enabled TikaMobile to concentrate on their outbound marketing to decrease bounce rate and increase open rate, thus, encouraging a healthy site traffic. All the prospects were either 501K approved or PHASE III approved leads.

Our data engine also voraciously interpreted latest news, which is again a very powerful signal on intent to buy. It generated insights based on which target accounts were being recognized for their innovation. This showed a strive to excel as they grew.


With our assured data on decision makers, TikaMobile got the conversation starters. They leveraged the insights we provided and helped them run an even more focused marketing campaigns seamlessly. This skyrocketed their sales pipeline within weeks.

OceanFrogs takes pride in seeing them grow leaps and bounds. We are more than happy to see them finally find their magic potion.

And It’s a Happily Ever-After!!!

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