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List Of Companies Showing Intent - CXO

CompanyIndustryIntentTechnologyTechnology CategoryInvestment TypeCountry Intent Age
Yes BankBanksCXONANAStrategic Investment India4
Yes BankBanksCXOSQLDatabase ManagementStrategic Investment India4
Yes BankBanksCXOJavaSoftware FrameworksStrategic Investment India4
Yes BankBanksCXOAzureCloud ServicesStrategic Investment India4
Yes BankBanksCXOLinuxOperating SystemStrategic Investment India4
Yes BankBanksCXONANAStrategic Investment India6
Yes BankBanksCXOSAPEnterprise SoftwareStrategic Investment India4
Yes BankBanksCXOTableauBusiness IntelligenceStrategic Investment India4
Yes BankBanksCXOPythonProgramming LanguagesStrategic Investment India4
Yes BankBanksCXOAWSCloud PlatformStrategic Investment India4

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