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List Of Companies Showing Intent - IT procurement

CompanyIndustryIntentTechnologyTechnology CategoryInvestment TypeCountry Intent Age
SingtelTelecommunicationIT procurementAriba NetworkE-Commerce PlatformsBuilding Managerial StrengthSingapore5
SingtelTelecommunicationIT procurementSAPEnterprise SoftwareStrategic InvestmentSingapore5
SingtelTelecommunicationIT procurementAmobeeAd ServersStrategic InvestmentSingapore5
SingtelTelecommunicationIT procurementAriba NetworkE-Commerce PlatformsStrategic InvestmentSingapore5
SingtelTelecommunicationIT procurementSAPEnterprise SoftwareBuilding Managerial StrengthSingapore5
SingtelTelecommunicationIT procurementTrustwave SIEMSecurity Information and Event Management SiemStrategic InvestmentSingapore5
SingtelTelecommunicationIT procurementAriba NetworkE-Commerce PlatformsBuilding Managerial StrengthSingapore6
SingtelTelecommunicationIT procurementSAPEnterprise SoftwareBuilding Managerial StrengthSingapore6
IDFCBanksIT procurementAriba NetworkE-Commerce PlatformsBuilding Team India6
PhonePeInternetIT procurementNANABuilding Managerial Strength India1

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