2 Key Takeaways from Technographics on Your Target Accounts

Mature B2b marketing teams put tons of hours in researching key accounts. One of the datasets used in lead qualification is the technology maturity of the prospect. OceanFrogs engine keep analyzing thousands of records to find technographics. What does it tell you when A company is: 1 Spending money on ETL resources and tools: it does mean that data consolidation, data transformation is a big task for them. 2. Has all famous Business intelligence tools in their technology stack. It does mean that company got decentralized decision making. various groups are going on with their unique implementation path. 3. Pentaho is in their kitty: Pentaho is quite costly and hence used for heavy lifting. Tableau wont be able to handle the data – the perception would be accepted there. Consider huge data volume game there. Users dont come to Pentaho as the first choice. In other words – User has deep pockets, huge data, willingness to spend in data driven organization. How do you read technographics data ? Please write your comments and feedback to vinay@

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