5 Tips to Revive Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Many B2B Marketers have declared a premeditated death of Email Marketing. In spite of pouring a significant amount of time and marketing budget into it, marketers complain that the ROI is not as expected
If you are still with me so far, I promise that these tips to revive email marketing are going to be totally worth your time.

Email Marketing has a unique set of challenges. With features like automated spam filters and Gmail pushing your emails into the Promotions folder, it is only natural to miss the attention of the recipient. Email marketing campaigns can break through the clutter only if they work towards a strong email campaign strategy.

MarketingSherpa also released a survey, asking marketers the estimated ROI from email marketing. The results indicated that the average ROI value is 119% for email marketing.

OceanFrogs’ success rate with emails has gotten better over time. Not too far back in time, we were struggling with email marketing campaigns from hitting the right note.

It was one of those tiring Monday evenings. Our marketing team decided to lock themselves up in a room until they came up with some good email strategy that would actually work. Time ticked away. Gallons of hot cuppa was gulped down. There were heavy whiteboarding and crumpled sheets of alphabet soup. A huge tray of vegetable fritters looked sad and soggy with no necessary fault of their own. Suddenly a team member suggested, “ Can we move this tray? They are not crisp anymore.” It was like a bolt of lightning that struck us. That’s how we came up with the CRISP Email Marketing Strategy, some solid tips to revive email marketing. From fritters to emails, who knew!

Tip to Revive Email Marketing
OceanFrogs‘ CRISP Email Marketing Methodology

CRISP Email Strategy :

C for Content RichWrite your emails keeping in mind that you need to make it rich in content. Use shorter sentences. Spend the utmost one or two sentences in the greeting section. Highlight the USP of your product. Underlining and using different fonts at places can help in quickly identifying the attention of the reader. This will keep your email recipient engaged for at least a few more seconds than otherwise he or she would be.   

R for Relevant Audience and TimeBefore starting an email campaign, decide and segment the audience persona you are targeting. Your marketing emails should not land at the doorstep of a CTO. In a blink of an eye, all your marketing efforts would land up in the spam folder, no matter how rich your content is.

Avoid Mondays to launch your email blast. Though it is the beginning of the week and you want to get a head start with your campaign, no one would spare you a minute. Also, keep an eye for companies going into tech transitions. It might be your opening window.

I for Images A picture is worth a thousand words. Do not overstuff your emails with images but a snapshot of your product or your product offerings can add to email retentivity….and probably a response.

S for Short & SimpleOn average, a person spends an average of 10 seconds to decide if an email is worth the time. Quickly come to the point. Stop selling. Start educating about your product. Sell will happen eventually.

P for PersonalizeThis cannot be overemphasized. One shoe does not fit all. Personalizing and humanizing an email is the final feather to the email marketing cap. Begin with talking about your target account. Congratulate them on their success. Show them you care. This shows that you are well informed and give your prospects precedence over business.

Wrapping Up :

Do not expect instant success with CRISP. It takes time to adjust the degree of each ingredient. We would love for you to try these tips to revive email marketing and share your experience with us. Did you come up with any cool strategies for email marketing campaigns? We are listening!

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