Top Banks Accelerating Towards Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Banking sector has a reputation for being conservative when it comes to technology change. Digital transformation on a global scale has revolutionized the traditional banking scenario. Digital Transformation enables this industry to become more productive, with lower transaction costs, greater capital efficiency, stronger operational resilience, enhance the customer experience, reduce bottom-line costs and reach market share.

Top Banks Accelerating Towards Digital Transformation in India

Oceanfrogs analyzed Banks Accelerating Towards Digital Transformation in India, Singapore, Malaysia, and United States.

Sr. NoName of Bank (India)RevenueOceanfrogs Lead Score
4Kotak Mahindra6.3B80

Top Banks Accelerating Towards Digital Transformation in Singapore

Sr. NoName of Bank (Singapore)RevenueOceanfrogs Lead Score
2DBS BANK13.6B85

OceanFrogs measures intent of target accounts using dynamic and static signals. We capture structured and unstructured data through various sources.

Lead Score is calculated by measuring four metrics. Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing.

Each one of these attributes is assigned with a range of weights. These weights are configurable by the end user of the platform. Intent of the account is measured through indirect data procured through primary or secondary sources.

  • Budget is indirectly estimated by revenue or employee count.
  • Authority is measured by the presence of decision makers, team size. Relevancy of existing decision makers is also one of the factors.
  • Need score can be measured by industry in this case.
  • Timing attribute can be measured by hiring trends, awards won by the target account, conferences attended by them.

OceanFrogs recommends that marketing teams target potential accounts by analyzing firmographics data as well as dynamic intent. Not every company is ready to be engaged with you. It is important to focus your energies on right target accounts. Analysis of target accounts prepares you to know where market is headed, makes you aware about your accounts, refines your marketing campaigns. We all want to work with best-fit accounts. isn’t it ? What are your best-fit accounts in Banking ?

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