Why Marketing Teams Need Reliable B2B Contact Database?

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Your company’s marketing campaign success will only ever be as fruitful as its CRM data. When you know essential details about the target accounts and decision makers you are targeting to have a better chance of engaging them. When you engage with your decision makers, you have a better chance of converting them.

Oceanfrogs Contact Database

What is a B2B Contact Database?

A B2B contact database is a log of all the data your marketing team has about potential clients and customers. Sometimes, your team might also use terms like  “B2B database” and “B2B contact list”. While a B2B database should include full business contact data, it should also be more than just a list of leads and email addresses. It should also include firmographics, technographics, industry, geographic location, company size, and hiring.

Why Marketing Teams Need Reliable B2B Contact Database?

A marketing team with outdated or inaccurate B2B database, runs the risk of wasting its time on mostly ineffective marketing campaigns. For these reasons, businesses must be vigilant about building and maintaining quality B2B data. A quality data list will make everything easier for your B2B marketing team. It avoids wasting time sending messages to deleted email accounts and calling disconnected telephone lines. It also gives you enough knowledge about your prospects to target them with marketing campaigns that appeal to their wants and needs. In short, correct data puts your marketers on the right track, ready to help your company win more clients, make more money, and grow rapidly.

How OceanFrogs Can Help You In Building Database?

Our B2B databases are more than just valid email contact lists. We also include detailed firmographic, technographic information, awards won by the organization, trending news related to the target organization, hiring trends in the organization, so that you can know more about the companies and contacts you are trying to reach. 

Add value to your target accounts by reaching the right authority – 

  • C – level – CEO,CFO, CMO, COO & Founders
  • Directors, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, AVPs. 
  • Senior managers, managers and other influencers. 

And across appropriate functionality – 

  • Technology/ IT
  • Digital Transformation
  • Sales and Marketing 
  • Finance 
  • Procurement 
  • Learning and Development 
  • Human Resources 
  • Supply chain
  • Intelligent Automation 

According to a study, 30% of a contact database goes bad each year. Hence, Oceanfrogs makes sure that our B2B database is updated every week. 

Get accurate B2B Contact database of over 5M organization with 32M decision makers. 

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