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Fuel Growth With Data Driven Marketing


Grow with our award-winning B2B data platform. Get hassle-free access to account, sales and competitive intelligence within seconds.

When you need DATA

Outbound AI

Subscribe to our B2b Marketing Platform and build target accounts.

      ♦ BANT Lead Score
      ♦ Firmographics
      ♦ Technographics
      ♦ Awards
      ♦ Valid Email Addresses
      ♦ News and Alerts
      ♦ Hiring Trends

Use cases

When you provide us DATA

Inbound AI

Enrich Inbound Traffic on Your Website with Insights In Your CRM.

      ♦ Enrichment
      ♦ Account Intelligence
      ♦ People Intelligence
      ♦ Email Address Validity
      ♦ Audience Persona Analysis
      ♦ News and Alerts
      ♦ Lead Score

Use cases

Technology Usage

Run Razor sharp marketing campaigns by filtering accounts by Technology Usage

      ♦ Identify The Right Target Accounts
      ♦ Technology Name
      ♦ Technology Category
      ♦ Usage Statistics
      ♦ Decision Makers Involved
      ♦ Email Address
      ♦ Direct Dials

Use cases

CRM Harmonization

      ♦ De-Duplication
      ♦ Integrate CRMs
      ♦ Enrich CRM with Account Intelligence
      ♦ Segmentation
      ♦ Enrich CRM with People Intelligence

Use cases

Opportunity Finder

Give your inside sales real time actionable insights on target accounts

      ♦ Accounts that are investing in technologies
      ♦ Accounts that are investing in solution areas
      ♦ Technology Category
      ♦ Usage Statistics
      ♦ Decision Makers Involved
      ♦ Email Address
      ♦ Direct Dials

Use cases

Campaign Analysis

Analyze Your Marketing Campaigns with Power of Data Science.

      ♦ Identify Audience that responds to campaigns
      ♦ Identify Marketing Channels with ROI
      ♦ Analyze Conversion Trends
      ♦ Enrichment on Target Persona

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API made easy with seamless integration

Convert Your Target Accounts With AI Driven B2B Insights

Hubspot 7,000,000

# Decision Makers

Hubspot 500,000

# Target Accounts

Hubspot 170,380

# Awards

Hubspot 4,000

# News Sources

Hubspot 1,300

# Technologies

Hubspot 200

# Sub Industries

Hubspot 75

# Industries

Hubspot 600,000

# Apps

Examples of Next-Gen Marketing Teams Running on Our Platform

Case Studies

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TikaMobile was in the quest for a magic potion to target right accounts.

How MoEngage used OceanFrogs platform to enrich their inbound leads?

OceanFrogs is revolutionizing Account Based Marketing for B2B customers with its AI-Powered data platform

German manufacturer uses OceanFrogs' ML algorithms for CRM harmonization

Every CRM must go through continuous harmonization or periodic ones to maintain a single version of the truth.



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