Discover accounts ready to do business with you & find accurate information about their decision-makers

It takes more than a list to find your future customers. Leverage the data intelligence system by OceanFrogs to get reliable data on high-intent accounts, customize your campaign, and reach your lead generation goals, before sales start asking about it. 

Marketers from top companies find their future customers with OceanFrogs

What can OceanFrogs help you do?

See how you can increase your revenue with a data intelligence system that helps you reach the decision-makers, and hit your numbers every quarter.

Identify high-intent buyers at the start of their buying journey

  • Leverage intent data. Common fields don’t give you intent knowledge. Use sophisticated data points & behavioral signals (technology budget, key leadership hires & more) to identify in-market clients, before your competitors do

Done-for-you analysis
. We go through 9K+ technologies, 300+ intent topics, and thousands of data fields to get you qualified leads with purchasing power. No more sifting through leads that won’t generate revenue.

Prioritize leads without any guesswork

  • Automatic lead scoring. AI-driven analysis helps you identify leads that can give bring high profits and are (absolutely) ready to do business with you. 

Identify HOT inbound leads.
Don’t miss out on leads that need instant attention. Use predictive lead scoring and get insights on HOT leads that need to be contacted, urgently.

Use touchpoints to create business opportunities

  • Increase the chances of conversion. Understand the pain points of your potential buyers by signals identified by our system and deliver personalized campaigns.

    Stay on top of mind
    . Get notified when your target company makes a new leadership hire or someone gets promoted. Congratulate them or wish them on their milestones

No more digging leads from a heap of data

  • Accurate data. You will not get tons of data. That’s by design. Before you get the lead info, our data engine checks if it’s high-intent, qualified, and has up-to-date contact information. So you only get accurate & reliable B2B data.

Customised data definition
. Store and segment your CRM data using labels according to your work style and company practices.

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How does OceanFrogs do it?

Unlike tools that just provide you standard fields, we combine data & intelligence to customize your lead generation & campaign messaging. 

We can do it because we have:

10M+ company records covering US, APAC & Middle-East

24/7 running data engine to extract accurate information

Access to 1M touchpoints for building relationships

Tracking 10K+ products, services, and solutions

Info on 2000+ captives in APAC

1 Million + Mobile Apps

Sync data with the CRMs you already use with just one click

Personal. Agile. Precise.

The OceanFrogs team was founded by data scientists and marketers from Silicon Valley and India. 

We believe in a personal and customized experience, with the flexibility to handle any use-case or challenge your business is facing. Whether you are a small & medium business or big merchant, the way your lead generation works is unique — you can achieve it all with OceanFrogs.

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