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This is the cost of acquiring and retaining a customer through customer lifetime. We will refer to it as CAC. Believe me, it is the lifeline of many corporate meeting rooms and boardrooms. Businesses incur expenses to acquire customers. Low CAC keeps everyone happy. High CAC is a cause of concern.

Return from a customer throughout its association with the vendor is known as customer lifetime value.

ICP is defined by industry, revenue, emp count (firmographics),technographics.

One that fits reduces your CAC (customer acquisition cost).

One that provides you advocacy.

One that provides you expansion opportunities.

You want to go for customers that would give you high LTV.

You want to go for customers that would give you high LTV and low ……?

Customers that are high ……….. And low …………. Are your ………………….

Email Open Rate: is one of the performance metrics of marketing campaigns. High email open rate gives confidence to the marketers that the audience segment is right. 

What Does Low Email open rate indicate

  1. Audience is not right 
  2. Spam score is high and hence emails going out of domain are going to the spam.

Target of marketing campaign. Ideally it should fit your customer persona.

Practice (marketing) where key accounts are focused more, given special attention in marketing. Sometimes by a different person.

An individual who has used your product before and now has moved to another company

Practice (in marketing) of grouping of accounts and decision makers in marketing.

New hire is a market segment for marketers. Marketers love to talk to the person who has just joined.

Relationships have become crucial to marketers. Marketers and sales always want to build relationships. Building relationships is an art.

Remove duplicate records from CRM. Duplication is generally an issue on the name of people and companies. Many enterprise companies go for deduplication once a year.

It is the process of fixing the CRM database. Remove old and outdated records.

Verifying if an email address works right. There are verification APIs available in the market. It has become very important to verify emails. CRMs do otherwise mark IP addresses as Spam. Email verification also helps in verifying that the decision maker still works at the organization.

Score given to an email address to validate its accuracy.

How many open conversations do you have with prospects ? Top of the funnel is the first health indicator of your business and its growth and yield of your efforts to grow. High number of leads at the top of the funnel indicates that you are reaching out to the audience and the outreach program is returning results. Top of the funnel does not indicate if marketing will result in conversion. It is too early to justify the success of your marketing efforts. It is the first indicator though.

Health of Top of the funnel can be measured with one question: how many conversations are you doing in the market ? Number of open conversations indicates your activity to acquire more customers.

How many leads are you converting ? How many open conversations are converting to customers ? Win Rate is the universal way to understand if a pipeline is working or not. Win rate is one metric to describe if investment in sales and marketing is providing the ROI.

is a good measure of pipeline movement. It can be considered a win rate.  How many conversations are you able to take to the conversion stage and win customers ?

Information such as company’s information on revenue, employee count, location, description, industry, sub-industry is labeled as firmographics data.

Information such as the company's usage of technology software, technology category, duration of usage is labeled as technographics data.

Marketers love to focus on companies that have money and interest in investing in specific areas. An intention to invest in a certain area is called intent. An intent to investment leads to buying behavior.

It is important to know what readership intent is. Readership intent indicates that the reader might be interested in knowing more about the topic. Bombora popularized the concept of using readership intent and mapping it with the associated IP address. One can infer that company (with the IP address) is interested in knowing more about the topic in discussion here.

Information such as company’s information on revenue, employee count, location, description, industry, sub-industry is labeled as firmographics data.