A Zoominfo alternative that will provide accurate data to help you build a consistent pipeline of high-intent prospects

OceanFrogs is a Zoominfo alternative that gives you more features, at affordable rates and a data quality you can rely on to hit your numbers. Every quarter. 

OceanFrogs vs Zoominfo

Contact DataBusiness emails & phone numbers + some personal dataBusiness emails & phone numbers only
Quality of dataHighly accurate, human-verified dataMachin processed, inaccurate data with redundancies
Data GeographiesUS, APAC & Middle East DataStrong with US data only
Access to databaseGet access to a full database with a single licenseSeparate licensing fee for each type of data (client who has a ZoomInfo license for say, direct dials, can’t access mobile numbers)
TouchpointsInsights to build business relationships, communityNo touchpoints provided. Only data.
Recommended PitchesAI-Driven pitches to appeal to account and buyerNo pitches provided. Only data
ABM Grid15 segmentation factors to identify the right customer personaNot available. Bummer!
Partner IntelligenceFind partners for collaborations & insightsOnly customer data. No partner information
Brand ChampionsFind people who will advocate for your brandNo way to find brand advocates directly & automatically
Research on demandAvailable (Place a request for your required data if you don't find it in the database)Not available (Can't do anything if you don't find the data!)
Direct dialsThird-party integrationsYes
Technographics dataYesYes
Playbooks for marketingProvides playbooks for engagement, campaigns, retentionNo playbooks. Only data.
EnrichmentData enrichment
Campaign Consulting (Quarterly planning reviews, monthly reviews)Regular reviews to ensure you are using the right data & right communicationYou are on your own. Oops!
SupportPrompt and friendly phone & email supportDelayed support, even for premium customers
Customer 360Provides ready-made insights to upsell & cross to existing and past customersNo insights
CRM IntegrationYesYes
Curate informationGet information in a format that suits your workstyleSit for hours cleaning and sorting the data
Contract lengthMonthly, quarterly, and yearly plansYearly plans
PricingCustomized according to features you need & useStarting from $10,000/year
Free trialPaid plans start once you are sure of data accuracyFree trial (must be asked for, from their sales)

Customers Who Made The Right Choice

Supported by customers & recognized by leaders

Supported by customers & recognized by leaders

OceanFrogs vs Zoominfo: What’s right for my business?

Nice question! We obviously think we’re pretty great, but here’s an honest answer:

Both OceanFrogs & Zoominfo allow you to run ABM campaigns, find businesses you can sell to, and provide you with the contacts of decision-makers.

But while Zoominfo has the data, it does not have features that can draw insights from that data. It doesn’t tell you what you can do with the data. OceanFrogs has data from 40M+ companies and gives you playbooks to reach out to prospects you find, it helps you upsell, build relationships, find brand advocates, and much more.

The best platform choice comes down to what’s most important for you.
If you’re looking for a solution that provides you intelligence & insights along with data, is affordable, can be customized according to your needs, then OceanFrogs is just the right tool for you.

If you want to go for a tool that will look good on paper since it’s a recognizable brand or you want a tool that’ll only give you US data, we encourage you to give both platforms a try and decide for yourself!

Another thing to consider is where you expect your business to be a few months from today. Your needs might change, you might outgrow the data provided by Zoominfo. Would you want to be locked in on a yearly contract with Zoominfo then? Probably not. That’s why OceanFrogs has monthly, quarterly and yearly contracts. The pricing can be customized according to what you use and not what we want to sell you and charge for.

B2B marketers & sales folks from successful companies use OceanFrogs data to achieve growth

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