Outbound Marketing Teams/Inside Sales

Our data on go-getter decision makers will help fuel marketing campaigns with personalized messages.

Event Marketing Software & Agencies

Our rich data on prospects help generate insights and create a targeted invitation list of high profile decision makers. Event marketing agencies will be able to tailor-fit activities based on a company's metrics like revenue breakdown, employee count, firmographics, technographics and account showing intent to buy.

Marketing Agencies

We provide dynamic signals on intent to buy and facilitate marketing agencies to build account awareness.

CRM Enrichment

We equip the NEXT-GEN CRM agencies to target prospects quickly and with better ROIs.

Business Research Teams

They gain critical insights from OceanFrogs' data into an organization's overall technology health. This granular peek help research companies gauge an account's future trajectory.

Our Promise

We strongly believe that “ONE STRONG LEAD IS BETTER THAN COUNTLESS HUNCHES!” No more shooting emails in bulk and wishing for one miracle decision maker to come through. We identify potential target accounts and decision makers who will help you take your sales to the finish line. Our AI engine captures signals and generates insights on prospects with intent to buy.

We treasure our data and stand behind what we provide. We meticulously verify email addresses, linkedin ids for go-getter decision makers along with their first and last names. This reduces bounce rate and increases open rate.

Our data insights will “LAND YOUR NEXT CUSTOMER” within no time.