July 15, 2020

MontyCloud Selects OceanFrogs to Grow Revenue

MontyCloud selects OceanFrogs to target accounts that can use their next generation cloud management platform. OceanFrogs will provide them with AI driven intelligence, will identify the customers spending money on cloud, devops in various verticals.

June 29, 2020

SaaS Startup OceanFrogs Provides Sales Intelligence to Help Enterprises Grow Revenue

Vinay Mehendiratta, a PhD from Clemson University, prefers doing his homework before meeting potential customers. This includes gathering data points such as pain points, investments, and technology usage, among others.

Feb 6, 2020

Target Marketing Magazine lists OceanFrogs as One of the Best Companies

Ruth Stevens, top 100 B2B marketing people of the year lists OceanFrogs as the company to watch out for.
Here is what she had to say:
Vinay Mehendi is one of those rare data scientists who easily bridges to the business world. His company, amusingly named OceanFrogs, offers a wide range of B2B data services, like data enrichment and hygiene, persona development, technographic data, and lookalike modeling. But he has also developed some interesting B2B data innovations, like target account prioritization models, partner prospecting services, and a way to identify the “champion” in your target account buying group.

Feb 1, 2020

Gartner Listed Visionary in MDM Selects OceanFrogs as the Growth Partner

Gartner Listed Visionary in MDM selects OceanFrogs platform to measure the total addressable market, identify and reach out to OEMs, resellers and ISVs. OceanFrogs has recently launched the platform for South East Asia, Mid East, Australia, New Zealand and India region.

January 06, 2020

The 10 Most Fascinating People In B2B Marketing In 2019

Ruth Stevens lists Vinay Mehendi (founder of OceanFrogs) and OceanFrogs as one of the most fascinating people in 2019. Read here what she has to say.

Achievement OceanFrogs
December 04, 2019

OceanFrogs is Part of OceanPro - Maersk Accelerator

Maersk Global Accelerator (OceanPro) has selected OceanFrogs, B2B sales enablement and marketing intelligence platform.

November 20, 2019

Rishi Dhawan Joins OCEANFROGS as Advisor to the Board

Rishi Dhawan, Former Regional Vice President at Gartner INC. will help power Oceanfrogs’s GTM strategy and global expansion plan in an independent advisory role.

OceanFrogs, AI enabled customer data platform for B2B marketers and inside business teams that provides marketing & sales enablement solutions, announced that Rishi Dhawan has joined the company as a senior advisor to the board and CEO in an independent capacity. With over 20 years of experience, Rishi has rich experience in creating exceptional client value through innovative business solutions in transformative technologies and business process services.

At OceanFrogs, Rishi will help guide the organization’s global expansion plans & GTM strategy, while bringing on board an enriched global expereinece leading diverse teams around sales, client servicing, business and partnership development in ensuring OceanFrogs’s growth.

“What I found most compelling about OceanFrogs is their unmatched product capability around sales enablement & marketing functionalities,” said Rishi. “OceanFrogs has already disrupted the way marketers & business leaders approach their target segment. The organization is now poised for even greater success and I look forward to helping take the company to the next level in its global expansion.”

Rishi, through his career, has held various cross functional leadership/management roles at some of the leading multi-national organizations like Gartner, Wipro across the region. He is currently working as an independent advisor & mentor to a series of technology start-ups & organizations and has advised entities in the Private Equity/Venture Capital space.

“Rishi has a in-depth understanding of customers, along with expertise in B2B global sales, go-to-market strategy, on ground execution, processes, people and technology in a way that few executives do,” said Vinay Mehendiratta, Founder & CEO of OceanFrogs. “He is associating with us at the perfect time to guide us on our growth charter. We’re ecstatic to have him on board.”

Rishi D OceanFrogs
Rishi Dhawan

Former Regional Vice President - Gartner INC

Accenture Ventures OceanFrogs
June 20, 2019

OceanFrogs Joins Accenture Ventures

OceanFrogs is glad to announce that It has been selected by Accenture Ventures to be part of its startup eco-system. Accenture Venture is aggressively building its eco-system of startups. Accenture works with them to build assets internally, do offer services to its clients, and fulfilled internal needs.



  •  90% success with personalized marketing.
  •  Our data platform is now robust then ever.
  •  Awards data is the new TRENDSETTER.
  •  Equipped to analytically handle unstructured data.
  •  Encouraging women participation.
Newsletter OceanFrogs

Where We Going....

OceanFrogs takes a dose of its own medicine. Hey! It totally works!!

2019 opened on a very positive note for us. Having invested and established inbound and outbound marketing strategies by the end of last year, it was beyond our expectation to receive such promising responses. The holiday season was over.
It was time to reach out to prospects with New Year wishes. How about a pot of plant that would not only remind them of us (as long as it was watered) but also gave our team to do something different. A palette cleanser, if you will.

It received raving response from 90% of our prospects. Some of them even requested us to let them borrow our ideas. We were only too glad to hear that. We are very personalized and data driven. The overwhelming response only stood testimonial to our belief that nurture relationships and the rest will follow.

Of course, marketing department is a cost function.This is the first cost function that we ever invested in. It has taken significant efforts from our side to establish that. It was so worth it. We have been able to win B2B clients in India and two in the US.
Data sources are frequently added to our platform now. We are always looking out for data sources such as awards, technographics (technology investment), go-to-market signals, data such as number of stores (retail), number of wells/rigs (oil and gas), number of drugs (pharma), number of insurance agents (Field sales).

Awards data is the new TRENDSETTER in town. It helps personalize marketing emails. It helps redirect google adwords to the right folks.Of course, B2b data platform has its own challenges but we are hopeful that it could be tamed with care.
We still happily involving ourselves in advanced analytics for certain clients. Our B2b marketing data processing has made us very efficient in handling unstructured data.
Our advanced analytics work also focuses on reading documents and extracting meaningful information automatically. We have had successful outcomes.
OceanFrogs now sits comfortably with its passionate founding team. We hire based on attitude fit. Skills can always be acquired. Each and every member feels associated with its success. Everyday is a strive for excellence. It is not by force but by nature.We want to boost the STEM fields with more women power.
We have hired women with career gaps and have observed that they are not only mature in their approach but are hungry to excel, not to mention the awesome positivity they bring to the team.

OceanFrogs is trying to do things differently and we hope to keep you posted.

Newsletter OceanFrogs