Serving SaaS Verticals

(HR Tech, Cloud Tech, Automation Tech, Deskless Tech, Mobile Tech, Supply Chain, Ecommerce, and Information Security)

Pay after 7 Days.

Kickstart Your Outbound

$99 / month
  • Buy When Building the foundation of ABM or Outreach program
  • Value: 30 % open rate, 15 % engagement when best practices are followed.
  • 200 decision makers
  • Accounts selection based on firmographics filter
  • 1 Email Copy and Sequence Designed by OceanFrogs Outreach Expert
    Worth $199 for FREE
  • Access to Warming Up Email Domain

Go Grow Big

            $349 / month
  • Buy When engagement is low, open rate is in the range of 10-20%
  • 30-40 % open rate, 10-15 % engagement when best practices are followed. (You need 3 months to achieve this).
  • 100 Qualified Accounts, Decision Makers with High Email Deliverability, Multi Channel Outreach (Linkedin, Email)
  • Qualified Accounts With High Lead Score selection based on firmograpihcs, technology intelligence, team skillset, certifications
  • 2 Email Copies and Sequence Designed by OceanFrogs
    Worth $399 for FREE
  • Annual contract includes segmentation, Territory assignment, lead enrichment.
  • 1 HR of Consultancy Per Month Included

Want to be the King

  • Buy When need more conversations, Need to run smooth demand generation engine, do smart segmentation for ABM campaigns, Need to build community
  • Value: Multi Channel Demand Generation at Full speed, 20 % Increase in Webinar/Event Attendance.
  • Upto 500 Accounts and their Decision Makers Per Month with Decision Makers, Influencers, Gate keepers
  • Talking Points For Qualified Accounts
  • Qualified Accounts With High Lead Score Based on Intent, Technology Intelligence, Multi Channel Outreach (Email, Linkedin, Direct Dials)
  • Customer Filters to Qualify Accounts,
  • Leadership Changes, New Hires, People with work anniversaries, promotions
  • Email Copies and Sequence Designed by OceanFrogs
    Worth $499 for FREE
  • Analysis of Campaigns Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  • 1 HR of Consultancy Included

Compare Plan Features

Module Feature List Description Intel         Advance Intel Enterprise Intel
Recommend the companies to go with ABM Approach, Companies to be nurtured
Company Intelligence
Website URL, Industry, Revenue, Employee Count, Company Description, Products and Services, Office Locations
Technology Stack Analysis
Understand the complete technology maturity (Enterprise software, web technologies).
Lead Scoring
Customer fitment score based on budget, authority, need, and timing
Technology Spend Analysis
How much is being spent on technologies by company ?
Intent Data
What is the company investing in ?
White Space Analysis
What are the areas where company is investing heavily and other areas where company is not investing ?
Hiring Trends
What skills are company hiring ?
Org Structure
What are the teams working in there ?
Average Number of Decision Makers
Right decision makers who will talk to you.
Number of licensed users.
100% Verified Emails
We will not share emails that bounce back.
Credit Rollover
We will rollover credits to the next month if you have not consumed yet.
CRM Integration
Integrate with Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho
ABM Expertise
Email Copy
OceanFrogs expert will build an email copy with you.
Email Sequence
OceanFrogs expert will design messaging and periodicity of email with you.
Messaging by Segmentation
OceanFrogs expert will identify the messaging for each segment.
Linkedin Campaigns
OceanFrogs expert will guide you on using the data intelligence to target same customers using linkedin ads.
Google Ad Campaigns
OceanFrogs expert will guide you on using the data intelligence to target same customers using googleads.

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