Why Nurturing Emails to Build Relationships?

Why is building relationships important?

The buyer’s journey begins from getting attracted to your marketing promotions, reading your content or attending your introductory webinars, and all that marks an impression. Eventually, it all becomes an important part of the customer success team’s success in the buyer’s journey. As they say, the first impression is the last impression.

Nurturing Emails to Prospects?

But, they aren’t a lead yet. Hey, OceanFrogs already gave you the right target accounts. Those are 100 per cent  potential customers. It’s important to entice them. Get your brand noticed. Make them aware that your solution exists to solve their problems. ‘Emails’ are one good way to educate them about your service/product.

Create lead magnets to attract.

Invite your prospects for free trials, advertise new product features, display the value of your product, and generate curiosity to know more. Offer freebies like latest whitepapers, case-studies, e-books, blogs, articles,  webinars and more.

7 Things to keep in mind while writing nurturing emails :



Set the aim of forming ‘relationships’. Focus on educating, sharing knowledge and let them know something new that interests them. Don’t sell outright.



Show ‘value’ that you can offer to your prospects, and it would help solve their problems. Explain the return on their investment that they would get.


Want or Need

Create a ‘Need’ if it doesn’t exist in the mind of the customer.


Follow Up

Always follow up, even if you don’t get a response at first. ‘Follow –Up’ but don’t be a stalker. Avoid sending more than four emails in a month.



Remember to personalize your emails and make sure the one who’s reading feels special.



A technical architect’s benefits would be different from that of a CXO. Hence, the messaging should be relevant.



One CTA in an email is enough. However, you can send that with more than one CTA button.

That said, the game-changer that OceanFrogs offers, which no one else does as of now, is helping and guiding you in garnering ‘relationships’.

Have you tried touchpoints from OceanFrogs?

Our platform, Insights.OceanFrogs, provides you with ‘Touchpoints’

With the help of ‘Touchpoints’ you can reach out to your customer persona, and, intrinsically, remind them that your service exists to solve their problems. Using touch points you can do all of the below:

Keep nurturing your prospects, and increase engagements with higher frequency of emails getting attention, and, yet, not spamming. Build relations,and not just flood the mailbox of your future customers.