All-In One Account Intelligence Platform

Expand & Conquer Your Addressable Market & Focus on Building & Nurturing Business Relationships.
Account Intelligence Platform


Enterprise Softwares

Identify the enterprise softwares used by different target accounts/competitors in different countries. Get data on popular enterprise solutions by duration.

Website Technologies

Uncover the technologies used on different websites, and segment your target accounts based on tech usage. Get the decision maker of those accounts.

Technology Spend

Compare and prioritize the target accounts by the technology stack and by their technology spend.

Technographic Report

Get a list of target accounts based on technographic.

Product Listings

Identify companies based on products sold on their website.

Keyword Listings

Identify companies based on the keywords listed on the website.

Decision Maker Intelligence

Identify decision makers, influencers for all your target accounts. Apply Personality AI on the identified decision makers.

Total Addressable Market

Identify the total addressable market captured by Technologies, software product.