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Conduct your marketing, sales outreach programs by going after accounts selected based on firmographics, technology intelligence, and deep firmographics data.

Segment Accounts that fit your marketing strategy

Segment Accounts based on their needs, digital maturity, size.

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What are Sales Leaders Saying about us

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Ashwin S L Head of Marketing, MoEngage

With OceanFrogs, our lead enrichment efforts reduced by 50%.

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Shobhit Mathur Chief Business Officer

Team is very knowledgeable, made of data scientists, customer-focused, able to provide a personalized onboarding experience.

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Ajit Belani Head of Marketing, Eka Software

Actionable Intelligence that could be used by demand generation or Inside Sales team.

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Manisha Singh Head of Marketing, 42Gears

Build Channel Partners Ecosystem with OceanFrogs Sales Intelligence. The team is super friendly and helps you at each step of the way.

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Manish Sharma CEO, Tika Mobile

OceanFrogs has helped understand the total addressable Market for us in Pharmaceuticals, USA.

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Barathi S Associate Vice President - Marketing, Graymatter Analytics

OceanFrogs's account and people intelligence helped us gain good marketing campaign results.


Reach Out to Right Customers with OceanFrogs Sales Intelligence

Identify accounts that deserve ABM Focus. Track buying committee, their technology maturity, investments.

Build great relationships with New Hires while they influence change and bring positive energy.

Expand and Conquer Your Addressable Market & Focus on Building & Nurturing Business Relationships.

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